Who We Are

2ndVote Advisers is the only asset manager that is engaging with corporate America by pushing back against the progressive ESG movement and demanding that companies stay neutral on political issues and focus on profits.

For years, asset managers with a Stakeholder Capitalist worldview have engaged with management to influence shareholder ballots to advance progressive policies. Stakeholder Capitalists’ influence and power has gone unchecked – until now.

2ndVote Advisers challenges this dynamic by voting proxies, engaging management¬†and¬†proposing shareholder centric resolutions. 2VA shows up for shareholders and demands companies stop wasting investors’ money on progressives’ alarmism. We believe Shareholder Capitalism and the pursuit of profits has fueled many of mankind’s greatest innovations and resulted in the world’s most efficient economy. A Stakeholder Capitalist Worldview denigrates the value of profits and ensures there will be less of them – and endangers our economic model.

Driven by free-market values, 2ndVote Advisers is engaging the business community with the same vigor and consistency as advocates on the left. With our presence, corporate executives will have an incentive to appeal to neither the left nor the right. By amplifying voices on the right, we expect to create an “off-ramp” in the middle for companies to get back to neutral and make shareholder returns their policy.

About our funds

Our Funds select companies we believe offer the best potential for superior long-term returns while pursuing their investment objectives. 2ndVote Advisers’ premise is ownership is just the first step – a company’s score on a single conservative issue, such as the 2nd Amendment, allows us to find common ground with management. We then work on other issues Libertarians, Conservatives, and Reagan Democrats care about. Without 2ndVote Advisers as a counterweight to existing asset managers, a progressive ESG agenda wins. We focus on profits, not politics.

Detailed information on our Funds can be found at www.2ndvotefunds.com. Please read this information carefully before investing in our Funds.

Ceos today often act more like Politicians than business leaders.

Hi, I’m Andy Puzder.

We all invest in companies to make money.

But many large investment firms are using their shareholder votes and engagement activities to advance a far-left progressive agenda. They use your money, shares and votes without your approval to further radical environmental, social and governance policies which ultimately restricts individual freedoms and hurts stock prices.

Enough is enough.

Those of us who share traditional free-market values want CEOs to focus on profits, not politics.

We at 2ndVote Advisers will show up to shareholder meetings and tell CEOs to stop the virtue signaling, stop the politics and focus on profits. 2ndVote Advisers will be your proxy to make sure you have a seat at the table.

Invest with 2ndVote Advisers so you can make money and make a difference.

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