What is a Separately Managed Account? 

A Separately Managed Account or SMA is an investment vehicle composed of individual securities that is managed by a professional investment firm.

Why invest in SMAs? 

Typically requiring a higher minimum investment than ETFs or mutual funds, an SMA allows you to access high quality, professional money management at a competitive fee.

What are the potential benefits of SMAs? 


With an SMA you receive comprehensive reporting and are able to see all of your holdings and transactions in real time.

Cost Transparency:

An SMA separates your fees from the performance of your investments making it easier to directly monitor your investment performance.

Tax Efficiency:

In an SMA, you own the individual securities and are only impacted by realized gains and losses in your specific portfolio, which also allows the possibility of tax harvesting.


There are many ways an SMA can be customized, including portfolio objectives and constraints, specific holdings and portfolio transactions.

About our SMAs 

Our SMAs are constructed from our proprietary indexes. We currently offer 4 Index SMA products. Please see our Indexes section for more information on our indexes. Detailed information on our Index SMAs can be found at www.2ndvotefunds.com

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