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US Fund Manager Looks at Australia to Counter ESG Wave

"2ndVote chief executive Daniel Grant told The Australian Financial Review that companies had leaned too far to the left, with 73 per cent of the S&P 500 rated as a 1 or 2 and that there was now a growing demand from investors for politically neutral, or even conservative, companies."

Wall Street Journal: Who Really Pays for ESG Investing?

2ndVote Advisers Co-founder & Chairman of the Board Diane Black and Advisory Board Member Andy Puzder writing in the Wall Street Journal: Workers with pensions or 401(k)s trust financial institutions to make the best investments for their retirement incomes. An...

Restoring the Crumbling Foundations of Corporate America

"Business management is about making value judgments. Is it more valuable to launch a new product or stay with the existing products? Is it profitable to initiate a new research and development project? These kinds of questions must be carefully appraised each day...