Purchasing our Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is easy to do at several online brokerage firms and through many financial advisors.

ETFs are funds that trade on a stock exchange like a stock. They offer investors an easy way to access a basket of stock holdings with reasonable management expenses in a liquid fund vehicle. Our ETF securities are available for purchase at brokerage firms such as Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE, Vanguard, and many others. You can also ask your financial advisor about 2VA ETFs.

If you want to invest in a 2VA ETF:

1. Talk to your Financial Advisor about adding the 2VA ETFs to your portfolio

2. Purchase directly through one of the many brokerage firms mentioned above.

Note: 2VA ETFs are not currently available at many banks and through “wire house” brokerage platforms such as Morgan Stanley or Merrill Lynch, as each firm requires specific track record and asset size minimums. If you work with an advisor at a brokerage firm that does not currently offer 2VA ETFs, your advisor may request that the firm’s due diligence department conduct a review to expedite the platform approval process. Remember, it’s your money.

How do I buy if 2VA is not approved by my bank?

• If you wish to trade through your bank you would open a self-directed brokerage account in order to bypass the bank’s purchase restriction for their Financial Advisors.

• You can also provide a letter of instruction directing your bank to invest in the 2VA ETFs.

• The bank may reject the trade for the reasons mentioned above but generally if you direct them to buy it they will execute. They also may have you sign a release statement.

• Consider opening an account at another firm/custodian mentioned above and purchasing 2VA ETFs directly.