2ndVote Advisers offers ETFs to help you easily invest consistent with your values.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are baskets of assets that offer investors an easy way to invest in a portfolio of securities that focuses on a specific idea or type of investment. They offer low-cost and tax-efficient access to the publicly traded securities. Many ETFs are designed to track the performance of a specified index. Other ETFs are actively managed by a portfolio manager and are focused on achieving superior returns through the selection of securities that are of a specific type or have a specific purpose. They are traded on stock exchanges in the same way shares of a stock in an individual company are traded and their price is determined by market forces as well as the value of the underlying portfolio securities.

Our 2VA ETFs – Society Defended (EGIS) and Life (LYFE)– include the companies that we believe will best maximize shareholder returns without offending our investors’ values.

The selection process for the companies we include in our ETFs is based on the unique proprietary research developed by 2ndVote Research to identify and screen out large and mid-cap companies in the S&P 1500 that either (1) oppose 2nd Amendment rights, border security or support for law enforcement, or (2) support abortion. We eliminate such companies from the investment universe for our EGIS and LYFE ETFs respectively.

From the remaining groups of stocks, our sub-adviser, Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc., (LTI) selects for our ETFs up to fifty of the stocks it deems optimally focused on shareholders returns by applying two well-recognized stock valuation metrics (Relative Dividend Yield and Relative Price-to-Sales Ratio) focused on financial information: Dividends and Sales. It then applies its rigorous, proprietary investment analysis – including specific fundamental qualitative and quantitative factors – to help create diverse portfolios of high-quality companies.

This is designed to result in profit-oriented, business-focused companies (that are mostly neutral on these issues) for each of our ETFs.

Detailed information on our funds can be found at www.2ndvotefunds.com.