Our funds are built on a proud history of corporate activism. 2ndVote’s scores are sent to the Board of each company rated, including the entire S&P1500. These ratings have influenced corporate behavior for close to a decade. Fortune 500 companies and national charities have improved their 2ndVote scores by stopping their funding and advocacy of progressive activities. 2ndVote Advisers’ premise is ownership is just the first step; a company’s score on a single conservative issue such as the 2nd Amendment allows us to find common ground with management. We then work on other issues libertarians and conservatives care about to bring the company back to neutral.

Without 2ndVote Advisers as a counterweight to existing asset managers, a progressive ESG agenda will continue to win. Investors can rest assured that we will never vote proxies in support of ESG shareholder initiatives that diminish returns or offend their values. Rather, we will encourage those companies in which we invest to “get back to neutral” on ALL ESG issues and to focus on profits and shareholder value. 2ndVote Advisers strives to reverse the ESG investing and “stakeholder capitalism” trend and to give investors who are not progressives a voice.

Our focus is on profitability over politics; the companies in which we invest may not advocate for the social ISSUE associated with a particular fund, but there will be none that censor or restrict that ISSUE.