Your Money – Your Values

At 2ndVote Advisers (2VA) we believe that companies focused on shareholder returns are better for investors than companies focused on political activism or social agendas. Our investment strategy is consistent with the view of renowned economist Milton Friedman that a business’ first responsibility is to generate returns for its shareholders. We also believe that investors should be able to invest without offending their values.

Our products embrace those common-sense beliefs.

We offer investors Exchange Traded Funds, Indexes and Separately Managed Accounts that embrace these beliefs.

2VA strives to take the politics out of investing, invests in alignment with our investors’ personal values, and focuses on higher returns for our investors. We are not supportive of Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) or similarly “fashionable” investment criteria that place ideological, social or political goals ahead of our investors’ financial interests. We neither invest nor vote the shares we hold to advance ESG or similar agendas. We put performance ahead of ideology and won’t play politics with your money.

Unlike funds that use ESG or similar investment criteria, 2VA does not require that a company be aligned with our values to be in our products. We only require that companies don’t oppose your values. The great majority of stocks in our portfolios score neutral on the issues involved. “Profits not politics” is the focus of our investment strategy.

At 2VA, our motto is: “Your Money – Your Values.”

Our goal is to invest in alignment with our investors’ personal values and to maximize their returns.


This document does not constitute an offer of any services or product. All information provided by 2VA is general in nature and not tailored to the needs of any person, entity or third-party. 2VA is an investment adviser registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Such registration does not indicate any level of skill or training. For more information regarding 2VA’s ETFs please request a prospectus by calling 877-223-8699 or go to our website for the ETFs at The risks of investing in the ETFs are described in detail in the prospectus. Please review the prospectus carefully before investing. The distributor for the ETFs is Foreside Financial Services, LLC, which is a broker-dealer registered with the SEC. For more information about our Indexes and Separately Managed Accounts please call 877-223-8699.